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With the advent of Covid-19, there was an unprecedented surge for products in the market needed for self protection. To fill this demand-supply gap, a lot of business started making and trading these products. However, they were able to exploit consumers in terms of price or quality primarily due to the lack of information and knowledge about these items that were knewly required. Thus, GLIDE was formed with the mission of providing a complete solution for self-protection needs, at the right price. The three most important features of GLIDE’s offerings has been right price, premium quality and convenience.

After 5 months of operation, Glide has quickly grown into a pan-India brand, having reached customers across all corners of the country. For the highest quality premiun 6 layer face mask, alcohol based hand sanitizer and HDPE disposable glove, Glide is your first choice!



Srijan Bag

& Srijeeta Bag 

Twins at birth, and now business partners, the great lifelong pairing of ideas and capabilities of this duo has made Glide achieve the rapid growth spree. When the world was facing a disaster, they took an idea and turned it into a growing business model

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