Frequently asked questions

Where are GLIDE products manufactured?

All GLIDE products, including the raw materials, are all manufactured in India.

Does GLIDE sell cloth masks?

No. GLIDE masks are Premium 6 Layer Cotton-SMMS Face Mask. The 2 outermost layers are made from 100% high-density cotton. However, the inner layer is made from 2 layers of non-woven spunbonded and 2 layers of non-woven meltblown, fused together. This offers a 99.1% BFE.

What is the content of GLIDE Hand Sanitizer?

Our sanitizers are watery liquid and has 80% Ethanol Content as recommended by the World Health Organization. They are non-sticky and have a shelf life of 5 years.

Can we reuse GLIDE gloves?

GLIDE's gloves are made of HDPE and are single use only. Touching unknown surfaces and reusing the gloves over and over again might not be safe. That is why we give you gloves that are very inexpensive and can be disposed off once it has been used.